19 Aug
The Fox Coin Master New Event is now available to anyone who owns the Coin Master, or an iPhone. The Fox Coin Master New Event features the return of the grand Super Fox coin collectables from the Fox Coin Master and introduces new collectable items to the Fox Coin Master game. All players can gather their items from inside the station as usual. However, instead of playing the old version of the Fox Coin Master game, players are given the chance to try out a brand new Fox Coin Master with the following new enhancements. Players can now collect all four Fox Coin Masters and test their skill in addition to getting their first run inside the Station Building stage.
They will then be given the opportunity to compete in the classic or new Super Fox mode. If players fail in either, they will receive a Penalty coin, which can be used to re-enter the game area. All previous Coin Master Event rules for play remain unchanged except for the fact that this New Event adds a brand new Character called the Fox Coin Master Mini, a Fox Coin Master fan character who lives inside the Fox Building, as well as providing rewards for players who complete the Mini's boss fight in the Mini's Lair. The Mini's boss fight involves creating a bomb using three Coins, which will cause a chain reaction that leads to the Mini and the Barracks being destroyed. After completing the Mini's fight, players receive two coins each, which is enough to instantly bring players back into the game.
It is important to note that there is no requirement to redeem these coins in order to use them again. There is no other Coin Master New Event Special Event benefits for those who have played the coin game previously, only an increased number of coins. Players are able to Spins in their coins, and also obtain an exclusive Coin Master Pin if they meet the requirements. The Fox Coin Master is one of the many games released by the Power Tap team, who has had a long and exciting history in the gaming industry. This is a perfect example of a game that was created with a marketing strategy focused on one main goal, which is to generate publicity for its own titles.
The game's new and interesting concept allows players to become the next famous celebrity in the world of Coin Master, because all one needs to do is collect all the coins. Players can buy a Fox Coin Master pin online from a variety of different sites, depending on the number of coins needed to complete the pin. The Fox Coin Master pin will make a great item for any coin collectors or Coin Master fans, but it is important to note that all players must have the Fox Coin Master game in order to use the pin. Even better, this new and unique type of Pin can be used with all of the existing versions of the Fox Coin Master game on the App Store and the Android Market.