10 Jan
Can you help win 50 spins at the iPhone game Coin Master? With a little help from your friends, you can win some real Coins and get to enjoy the cool new mobile game all by yourself. This Coin Master game is one of the newest games on the market and it doesn't get much better than this. You can download the game for free to your iPhone and get all the fun stuff like the loot, Coins, costumes, and awesome power ups. There are only two rules that you need to follow, and once you have established a good reputation with your friends, you can start to make a little coin in the process. When you roll your dice, you take that many coins and put them in the bank.
However, you also have the opportunity to move those coins to the "End Turn" pile. If you are able to roll the same dice over again, then you will earn more points. When you first start the game, you can easily take turns rolling the dice with each other to see who gets the most 50 spins. You can earn more 50 spins by getting as many of your friends to join you in rolling the dice. Once you reach the point where you need to earn more Coins, the game changes a bit.
Now, when you roll the dice, you take a turn and earn more Coins and prizes. So if you want to be the player with the most Coins, then you should pick the end turn pile and start moving coins to it. The stack of coins should stay intact until you need to make a move and the prize is still active. Now, when you make the roll, each player gets the same amount of Coins for the game. You can earn more Coins if you choose to add in some friends to play with.
Just put them in the end turn pile to earn more points. If you want to move coins around, then you can choose to take the Coins, which can be done with the rate increase. Before you know it, you will have accumulated a great deal of Coins and prizes. If you want to continue increasing in total Coins and prizes, then you can move on to the next level. Now, the player with the most Coins wins the game.
It's really that simple. If you want to earn more points, then you can try using your stack of coins to increase the end turn pile. This way, you will help the person who has the most Coins wins the game. There are a lot of opportunities to earn coins and Spins at the end turn, so keep in mind to play with the right groups of friends. In fact, it's important to play with your friends so you can find out who the winners are.
The more people you have in your group, the more chances you have to earn prizes and coin. While online Mobile app games offer virtual Coins, they have no relevance to real life Spins. Playing this coin master game for real Coins, there is a substantial difference between the virtual and the real Spins. So if you want to earn more Coins and get to enjoy the latest gaming trend, then you might want to consider playing this game. You might be able to earn enough Spins to pay for a new phone.
Go ahead and download the Coin Master mobile game and give it a spin.