07 Mar
CoinMaster Game: A quick look on Twitter about the game, Fox is the name of the mobile version of this game and there are more than 140m users that play this game on their phones. The most popular characters in this game are Pikachu, Robin Hood, Dora the Explorer, Laura, Mr. Incredible, Wolverine, Cuphead, Batgirl, Beast Boy, Red Hood, Pluto, Emmet, Firefighter, Link, and Luigi. The game is still one of the most popular game available in the Apple's App Store because of its creativity and uniqueness. Here are some of the features that this game has: - Amazing graphics; - Multiplayer modes with up to four players and 20 opponents each; - Amazing music and sounds; - Daily quests with achievements and rewards; - Sharing a player's URL on Twitter and Facebook; - Finding specific items needed to complete tasks; - Achievements, rewards, and challenges to gain reputation; - Challenges to challenge players with all items needed for finishing a certain task; - Scores and leaderboards; - Green and Yellow Power Bars which can be upgraded; - Gold and lots of Credits to purchase new equipment and skills; - Perks and Badges to upgrade skills.