01 Jul
The multiplayer Facebook game of the year: Rhino Coin Master, this new game from In The Groove Entertainment has won many of the most prestigious awards for online games. With a simple interface and endless gameplay, this is one game that will keep you coming back again. An online Mobile app game meets strategy-rich party game that has been around for years, Rhino comes with an original storyline that fans of online gaming will find exciting. The game contains nine different levels in total, including two game modes. New players to Facebook games may not know that Facebook games have the capability to be played through Facebook sites.
The main website includes a multi-player option that allows people to compete against each other on Facebook. With more than ten thousand players having joined the Facebook community, the popularity of Rhino games can be seen by the many comments left on the website. Whether you are an avid gamer or just someone who wants to participate in a Facebook social game, the game is a good one to be in. This innovative game requires creativity, strategy and imagination when playing Rhino. While playing this game, you are required to use your memory to keep track of all the coins, cards and power-ups available.
In order to do so, you will need to collect the different coins and cards and use them appropriately for winning the game. Rhinos multi-player gameplay is addicting and fun. With an impressive amount of cards and coins included, the possibilities are almost endless. Players can explore the world of games and spend hours in the hopes of playing this game every day. If you like Mobile app game games, then you will probably like the Rhino games.
The game includes several Coin Master tables where people are split into two teams. Each team can select three cards to play with. The objective is to get as many of your cards right as possible so you can win the game. Once the cards are revealed, the number of times that the team wins will determine how many cards they get. There are three different win conditions in the game: try and get all three cards right, get two cards right, or get one card right.
Once the final card is revealed, the winner of the game will receive the high score. The best part about Rhino is that it is accessible for users of all ages. When you do not have much time to play the game, you can simply sit back and relax. Just check your Facebook page and challenge other friends and family members to a multiplayer game. On a personal note, I am one of the biggest Rhino fans out there.
I enjoy it because it is a casual and easy game to play. It is very exciting to see all the funny reactions that I get from other players. I really enjoyed my time playing the Rhino games when I wasn't playing the game. It was very educational for me to learn more about Coin Master and trivia as well as learn more about the history of this game. The only thing that I didn't like about the Rhino games is that it had a bunch of bugs that occasionally prevented me from playing the game.
This mostly happened when I was doing a cooperative game with friends and family. I believe this is due to the fact that In The Groove Entertainment is still in the early stages of developing Rhino. The Facebook game of the year, Coin Master has been one of the most downloaded games on Facebook. If you like social games, you will definitely want to check out this game.