19 Oct
The name Coin Master seems to suggest that you can not only win with the game but you can get rich with it. That is a nice idea, however you are going to have to be careful. It is not like playing the stock market. If you want to make Coins in the stock market then you need to play the market. The reason why people lose from the Coin Master games is because they have no idea what they are doing.
It is like when someone who has no real experience gets involved in a horse race and bets against the odds. You do not win if you do that, you lose. Same thing with the game. People get involved and then they find out they have been playing the game for a while and now they know very little about it. Even if you are using a proven strategies then you still have to be sure that you are sticking to its strategy until you get rich.
That is when people lose. They start out with a strategy and then give up on it because they are playing it too much and then they go back to the tried and true method. The key is to go slow and stick to the game plan. Some people will not play the game long enough to see the full effect of their strategy on the game. There is nothing wrong with that.
It is how the world works. You have to break into it and build your business. The key is to get the one that you want to play the game with. You can not be playing for a while and then change the name to something else. It is important to play the game for a long time before you decide to change the name.
If you ever want to sign up for a new account then you should be ready to do it right away. You should always be ready to buy coins from the very beginning. The rules of the game should be clear to you. You should know exactly what is required of you when you get the Coins first roll up in your account. When you see your account grow and get bigger then you should start buying coins for the game.
Another thing you need to do is wait for the next new event. The very first event, you should buy new coins for is the ball first. The second event, you should buy coins for is the coin toss. The third event, you should buy coins for is the counter and the fourth event you should buy coins for is the pick up the ball event. After you are playing the Coin Master for a while, you should use the same strategy that you are using now to play for the new event.
You should wait for the event and continue the game plan.