17 Mar
Who does not remember the classic mobile game, "Android Coin Master"? This is a strategy game where players would need to collect coins to win in this game. However, the latest version of this game, "Coin Master New Event" is currently available on Android platform. In this version, players can use the Google Authenticator app to be able to add a new account. This is an option that allows users to reset their account. By doing so, users can gain access to their saved data and passwords.
The new version of this game is part of the community sharing. More people would be able to enjoy the game if they are able to add an account from the same device that they have the game installed on. Aside from having an account from a different device, users can also have it from the current version of the game. Using the Google Authenticator app is also one way of getting the game from other devices. Since the app is already installed on the current device, users can use it to get the app from the new version of the game.
To use the new app, users need to open the app. Then, they will need to click on the green button that shows the word "Sign Out." They can use the key that corresponds to the "New Game" tab to sign out. After that, users can use the button at the bottom of the screen to get the account from the game. Another feature of the game is community account sharing.
The reason why users can add a new account is because they would be able to get a game pass for free. By getting the pass, users can play the game with their friends even if they are from different countries. When playing the game, users can also receive some free gifts. These gifts are very useful for users who want to practice or improve their strategies. In fact, there are many times when players get so busy playing the game that they forget about other important things that need to be done.
In addition to that, they can also share the account information through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. By doing so, players can be able to keep in touch with their friends that they have lost contact with since they are playing the game. They can also get the pass from friends that are also playing the game. Those who want to have an account from the previous version of the game can also add one using the same method. In addition to the accounts and sharing features, there are many other things that can be enjoyed in the game.
Most games let users see the others' progress and statistics that they have achieved. It is a good way of learning how to play the game better. In the Coin Master Village game, users can easily learn new strategies. Since it has plenty of different kinds of enemies, it is a good way of testing ones' strategy skills. If they want to earn more coins, they can play the mode that give players even more rewards.
One of the new features of the game is Raid Friends. This mode lets players choose a friend from their phone to join the game with them. Although, there are no personal bonuses that the player can get from Raid Friends, they can still see what the other players are doing on the game map. In addition to that, players can also see how much experience and gold they have acquired by competing with other players in the game. Since this is a Free to Play (F2P) game, users can learn some strategies in how to play the game well.
Since the cost of the game is quite low, the developers can create new strategies for each update that they make to the game. The people who have played the "Coin Master Village Game" have said that it was a fun experience. Those who have played the earlier version of the game are also saying that they would recommend it to their friends.