04 Jun
A new Hackspun by the Fox game is the Android Coin Master Facebook Event. There are several events for the Facebook app that Fox has created and they are being included in the Facebook code. This was added to enable the Fox to give a chance for new users to see how to win 200 spins at coin master. This was not advertised anywhere else except for the Facebook page where it was mentioned. The Facebook event has a number of followers and visitors.
There are a few days left for the Facebook app. The event's followers, or visitors, were the initial target and they were supposed to have come from the Facebook event site. However, not all people who were sent the invites had the means to join. Many of those who had the ability to join the website, did not, and therefore did not participate in the event. One visitor was interested in the event and joined but did not get a chance to get the spin at the Facebook app, which should be the ultimate goal of the event.
According to a discussion between the forum posters and the Facebook representative, the fun came from the fact that it allowed people to know that it was possible to spin at the Facebook app. The only way to know this was to RSVP. That is not fair to the Facebook event for the Android Coin Master Hack 200 spins event because the visitors or fans of the website who were sent the invite could have easily done it themselves. They could have signed up with the website. If they wanted to have the chance to know how to win 200 spins at coin master they were able to know the details about the event through the site.
Some visitors came to the event just to get a chance to know the spin at the coin master and did not care about the website.