20 May
The newest Android Coin Master game, called "Coin Master" is designed for people who enjoy Mobile app game games such as slots. This Android game was originally created to compete with the popular iPhone game, "Slots." Many players have become accustomed to the player skills needed to win 25 spins at the iPhone version. In the game you will be given a number of coins and will be asked to place them in different areas, which are marked by the icon on the bottom right hand corner of your phone. Each area that you visit has a Spins value, which can either increase or decrease depending on the number of free hits that are available in that area.
When the coins are all in the area, they will pop up into play for you to land on. The objective is to hit as many numbers as possible. If you hit exactly one number you will not be awarded any coins. The faster you hit the better. If you miss you will not only get your coins but a point.
When you land on a number your coins will be added to your total and you will be able to use those coins for either free hits or Spins. Once you have landed on three numbers then you will be asked if you would like to land on any more numbers. You will not be able to land on more than one number, so if you land on two numbers then you will have to choose between landing on two or three coins. In other words you will have to decide whether you want to hit more coins or land more balls. This makes the gameplay very interactive and exciting as you try to make the right decision at the right time.