31 Aug
- Can You Make Coins at Coin Master Event Game?. A number of times I have seen the word Twitter used in conjunction with a Coin Master event game. The question is, do these terms mean the same thing? Let's take a look at the use of the term "Twitter" and see if we can determine whether or not it refers to the same thing as the word "Coin Master". First of all, the term "Twitter" is commonly used to refer to a social networking site. Basically, it is like a Facebook on steroids.
Many people log onto Twitter to make up lists and comments about various products and services. There are several official Twitter accounts that are part of the Twitter community, so be sure to check those out too. Of course, the word "Twitter" does not necessarily refer to any one type of social networking site. There are, however, some sites that offer Twitter integration with their software that make it easy for players to post lists and comments about their games online. When I think of the word "Twitter", I'm thinking of the way the internet has made communication easy for many people.
For example, the ability to receive instant messages from other individuals. This is similar to a friend asking you a question on a message board but more immediate. It also provides for an easier means of communicating through text and mobile phones but does not have the ability to post a comment. This is different from a message board where you can write something but not read it, reply back, and then read it again later. That being said, there are some Twitter-based websites that allow you to post and receive text messages.
Obviously, there are some differences between the ways in which the two social networks handle communication. However, they both offer a similar sort of application that makes communicating with others easier. Okay, now let's take a look at the word "Tweet". The plural form of this word is "tweets". In general, tweets consist of short paragraphs, usually a few lines, that contain some interesting bits of information about the Twitter user or the website.
Twitter in general is used to let other people stay in touch with you. Therefore, we can assume that the "Tweet" is another way of saying "friend me" - one of the ways people interact with each other. The next step in understanding the word "Tweet" is to see how the word is used in the context of a game. For example, a single player game (such as a Fanfare) might have players tweet about how much time is left in the game. Or, a multi-player game might have players tweet about which side they will be on.
Sometimes it is not clear what the word "Tweet" is actually referring to in different games. For example, in a tournament game, players might tweet during their turn at the beginning of the game. On the other hand, in a war game, players might tweet about war activities, not to mention online activities such as posting on Facebook. While using the word "Tweet" in a different context than the other people using it, the word definitely has its own meaning. And, like all of the words that are commonly used, it can be used in a number of ways - either in a traditional sense or in a figurative sense.
So, in conclusion, we know that the word "Tweet" can refer to the same thing as the word "Coin Master". And, we know that there are various forms of communicating through the internet. In a world where communication is so fast and easy, it is nice to know that we can still create meaningful conversations with those who we care about through the same mediums.