09 Aug
"Attack Madness" is the latest application that is being sold in the Apple iPhone Coin Master Game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This application was developed by Zulu developing company. A multiplayer game in which two players fight against each other to earn Coins and loot. The game mechanics are really interesting and can be played with several people. One player has to gain control of the phone and, once he is done, it becomes a game of chance.
You can get control over the phone even when you are not on the game because, a button is provided on the bottom of the screen that you can press to switch on your phone and play it. A timer is provided on the screen, which will tell you how much time is left until you lose your game. To win at the game you need to collect as many coins as possible within the time given to you. To start the game you will need to tap on the screen. As soon as the screen appears, you can then choose one of the three modes available in the game: "Online Mode", "World Mode"Sandbox Mode".
In the online mode, two players go head to head against each other in the same game. In this mode, you cannot see the other player's background. In this mode, there is no time limit in which both players can earn Coins and loot. You have to pay the cost of a few minutes to have your own background to watch. In this mode, you can play with anyone who owns the game.
There is no requirement for any activation to get started in this mode. However, when you are ready to buy, you have to purchase a license first so that you can have access to all features that the game provides.