30 Dec
. So you've heard that the Xbox Live Arcade game Raid Master and its themed sequel, Raid Fox, are a lot of fun, and that they can be hacked to generate free cards for online gaming. But you're curious, is there an easy way to get them? There is a very easy way to earn free cards and coins in these two great Xbox Live Arcade games - but you'll need to get a little creative. Most of the tricks to earning these awesome "free" cards and coins require one key piece of information: the code to the "friend code" used to sign up with each of the in-game characters. You see, most of the more advanced codes for these games are not available online and require the use of a free scan tool to produce the card numbers.
A friend code is like a password that you enter to enable you to join in an online game where you're given some cool loot or something. The friend code is your key to opening up the treasure chest. A friend code is not just any password though. It's a special code that is either built into the console or installed onto your computer - and only once you get it right will you be able to get that game (and all its other downloadable add-ons) to actually work. To get the friend code, first we're going to need to find out where to look on the Internet for one.
The easiest way to do this is to use a search engine. Type in a search for the name of the game, plus the word "code", and see what comes up. You can also try searching for a website called RaidCoinMasterGameHackRewards.com. The site shows all the code that's related to each of the games. Now, when you're looking for that friend code, you'll need to know the address or location of where to get it.
This is the code that you'll use to put in your box of coins in the Raid Fox game. Here's where you're going to find the right address. All you have to do is go to these sites and type in the code of the game you want to play. The Raid Coin Master Game has a small space where you type in the friend code, which in this case is required by the site. Then just follow the directions on the screen to make sure you're typing in the right code.
After you get the code right, then all you have to do is log into your account to get your free loot. Just like with any game, make sure that you login using the same login credentials. You may also want to try playing on two different websites to make sure that you have the same code. After all, you may be doing things a little differently on one site than on the other, and one might have the code you need for the other game. So now you know how to get those free cards and coins in the Raid Fox and Raid Coin Master Game.
Happy hunting!