29 Oct
The popularity of the Cash Master game is so great that it has been ported to Facebook and you can earn Spins in the game by making friends. It has an option to gain Spins from your Facebook friends. I have found the gameplay fun, addictive and well worth the time spent playing. In the Cash Master Facebook game, you are given the goal of trying to obtain Coins to spend on buying cards. There are two versions of the game available for both iPhone and Android phones and tablets, in each version you are required to buy packs of cards with the Spins you have obtained.
To make it easier for you to buy cards, the offers are arranged in groups so that you can quickly access the ones you want at a glance. If you are trying to play on the platform that is available on your mobile phone or tablet, then you will be able to see the offers all at once and purchase more easily when you know what you want to buy. Once you have purchased some cards you can use them to make the most Coins available for free cards. You will be provided with the requirements for each card you purchase. In the Cash Master Facebook game, there are two types of cards that you will be able to purchase and use in the game.
You will start with all eight of the 'Regular' cards that you will have access to, after that you will gain access to the 'Crafted' cards. When you have completed the tasks for each card you have earned, you will earn a stamp which will count as one of the gold coins you can earn. Each of the cards have the number of coins associated with it which you can use to buy another card. Each time you earn gold, you will be able to buy more cards at a cost that is dependent on the card you are purchasing. By earning more coins, you will be able to pay off your cards.
At first, you will not be able to purchase any cards. The screen will provide you with options for what type of card you are purchasing and a percentage or rate of that card being available for sale. You will be able to view your Coins balance on the left hand side of the screen and also the amount of coins you have remaining for each purchase that you have made using the Cash Master Facebook game on Facebook. You will be able to pay for cards using a coin or two. Coin Master has some additional features that you will need to activate in order to use these options.
To find out more about those features, you will need to access the section of the settings menu where you can activate them. At the top of the screen, you will be able to find the option for Coin Master. There is also a section called More Features, activate it to access the options for these features. As soon as you are able to access the Cash Master Facebook game, you will be able to earn free cards. You will be given enough coins to pay for all the cards that you have in the game.