26 Sep
Coin Master is the next app to go live in the Android market. It's a real time mobile game that uses real Coins and online gaming points to progress through levels. It's a skill based game where players can play against computer-controlled machines or each other. Many people have complained about how it's only for gamers who don't play with real Coins, and the free version doesn't let them play at all. I downloaded it and tried out a few levels to find out whether or not I can play the game with just coins.
I was able to win the game easily. Security is also a huge issue with the game. All players in the game use an account which contains a password. They are all shared and every player has access to them. The final level of the game was made harder due to me beating the machine by getting it to keep giving me more coins.
The programmers made a level harder so that I couldn't get through that final level if I wasn't clever enough to pick up the last couple of coins before the level started. There's a section where you can buy and upgrade the golden cards, but I couldn't even make it to that part in the Coin Master Game. When I clicked on it, I was asked to approve a purchase and send a security code to verify my account. When I did, I was prompted to enter my security code so that the purchase would be confirmed. Once I had done this, the final payment would be made.
This caused me to lose all my coins from that point on. It also caused me to get banned from the game, which was very annoying. This is the same problem with all instant player's accounts. If they try to add more coins then the account will be marked as "solved" and they will no longer be able to pay. I've had problems with this before with other mobile games, so I'm not really surprised that I'm getting the same problem again.
I'm sure there's a fix for this, but it's quite a complex application. I can't see what would be the easiest solution to the problem. I'd like to get all my coins back, but I'm unable to do so. So, what's the good news? I did manage to get the final levels, and I was rewarded with an all new special mode called Viking Mode. In Viking Mode, you're a Viking, and your goal is to take down the treasure hoard and escape.
Each gold card you collect will be converted into points, and once you reach the last level you're shown the score. As you complete levels you'll start earning more coins to build up your score. Once you've gotten your final score, you can use the coins you earned to buy even more cards or build up more coins. If you have spent a lot of coins then you may want to avoid building too many coins. It's advised that you avoid it at all costs until you've built up a large amount of coins.
Once you've gotten the gold cards and have reached the final level completion, then it's game over and you've won. If you complete all the levels within a short period of time, then you may want to consider doing it again as you're likely to have reached that point of winning with some amount of coins.