09 Oct
RaidCoin Master, the latest in the series of mobile coin-op games, is an action-packed, trivia based, game for iPhone and iPod Touch. It's a sequel to RaidCoin, which was released in 2020. The most noticeable difference between the two games is that this one's a real game instead of a fun toy. Instead of toys, though, the player must collect coins and use them to buy costumes, gear, and weapons for his character. In the game, the player must defeat all the bad guys in one go or be killed by them, depending on how the game is played.
In RaidCoin Master, the player goes through a stage where he must acquire all the pieces needed to buy different costumes. The stage will end when all the costume pieces are acquired, but he won't get all the Coins that he needs to buy all the pieces. If the player takes too long, he will lose the Coins he needs. On each level, he'll have to make it through the dungeon. There are lots of levels in the game.
The player has to make it through all of them, collecting as many pieces as possible. Once he's done with each level, the player can go back to the last checkpoint he passed before entering the dungeon. From there, he can continue on until he reaches the final level. The player can do any of several things in this final level. He can continue to play for more Coins, making himself stronger and getting more costumes.
He can also use a gold upgrade to increase the amount of Coins he has. He can also enter a "gear grind" to raise his attack power to be able to battle the bad guys. Or he can just play to get some Spins.