17 Feb
There is a simple and fun new game in the Hammer Gods mobile title, Coin Master. This new game, aptly called Coin Master New Event, includes Hammer for Android to the game. The Hammer is the most accurate physics toy there is. These Hammer creatures can be controlled with the use of a controller or with a touch screen. Since the Hammer is controlling, it may as well do some damage to the enemies.
It will damage and break up the enemy's bricks. The better the hammer gets, the harder it hits. Hammer will actually take the form of a skull when you are using it. It appears as if you are attacking an enemy from the sky. This is one of the coolest and most unique features to this mobile game.
You will get to collect coins when you successfully strike your target. You can do this by getting friends online and have them help you out in this new game. After all, you need to make more friends to improve your rank to the next level. The secret of the Hammer is that when it does the damage to the enemies, it will add to the count of the coin count that you have on hand and you can use this extra coin to buy a gun that will allow you to shoot out and destroy more enemies with ease. Once you get this gun, you will definitely want to increase your rank.
This weapon will also come in handy when you are fighting against other high-ranking players. If you have enough friends and a good connection, you can actually have some serious coin wars going on. When you increase your rank to the next level, you will get to see some exciting new levels in the coin collector levels. This is the level where you get to collect some awesome new coins for your friends. You will be able to get plenty of coins in this new game and it is just awesome! Once you get to the top of the coin collector level, you will want to try to get some of the most powerful guns in the game.
You will want to get a powerful and destructive card that will turn on all the other players. This will allow you to eliminate the other players from the game. In order to get these weapons, you will need to get lucky with cards. You will even be able to get the new and improved weapons. This is one of the coolest and unique features to the game, especially with the Hammer and the mobile game itself.
You can also choose to use cards to send out your enemies. Some of the cards include you getting your friends to join you for the game while others will only work when you have the right card. This game does not cost too much Coins, so you can get your kids started in this new game without spending a dime. If you have kids, you can always choose to purchase the coins for them to get. It will keep the kids entertained while you are doing other things.