01 Oct
Do you enjoy the Foxe Plaza Coin Master game? One of the great things about this game is that it has been refreshed with a new Foxe Plaza location in the Foxe Cube. This will give you the chance to play the game in the very same place where you play the game on the Main Mall. For those who don't know, you can earn points for completing each of the quests available and a new item from each quest can be obtained through the main event. As you will know from reading the Foxe Plaza FAQ, you do not have to play the main event for the Foxe Coin Master rewards. Instead, you can choose to play a special bonus game in which you can play two games in one.
The first game is the usual Coin Master game as well as a timed event that have you completing three timed events. The games are timed from the start and ending points so that there is no delay for you to rewind. This helps reduce the risk of you losing your time. There is also a hidden item to be collected from each of the three events. The second game of the Foxe Plaza is a new game in which you will need to collect as many items as possible before the time runs out.
You are given a set amount of coins to start off with and there is no way to earn more. Instead, you must use the coins to win challenges. In this game, you must go to each of the three locations and get all of the items as quickly as possible. This means you have to get them before they run out or you won't get any points. However, if you finish the mission in the exact time frame you are given, you can use your reward Coins to buy points or make extra Coins.
If you want to try the game for yourself, you can use a printable version of the rules on the website.