21 Mar
The Elephant & Castle are the newest free iPhone app to hit the App Store. The Game of Kings is the newest download from Elephant & Castle's King Coin Game, which was made to coincide with the upcoming release of the critically acclaimed King Arthur. Like all other Elephant & Castle games, The Elephant & Castle Elephant Coin Game is an adventure game that brings you back to the time of knights and kings as you battle your way through a medieval fantasy setting to save your kingdom from horrible villains. The Elephant & Castle elephant coin game is one of the most fun free iPhone apps and the game is now available for download on the iTunes store. This is the third game update that has been released since the launch of the game.
With each of these updates, there is always a new costume for your favorite villain or different trophies you can collect to increase your overall score. With all the free downloadable games that are currently on the iTunes store, this is not the first time that an elephant coin game has been featured in a big way on the store. This is not the first time a free game update was released, but this is the first time that a major feature has been added to the game. In order to make sure that you download the latest and greatest updates to the game, you will need to be able to get a legitimate download of the Elephant & Castle Elephant Coin Game from the Apple App Store. One way that you can ensure that you are downloading the latest version is to look for the Rhino Coin Game in the bottom left corner of the screen while the game is running.
If the Rhino Coin Game icon is not highlighted, then the update is not yet available on the iTunes store. The next method to ensuring that you have the latest free game update is to look for the update in the list of available updates when you launch the app. This will always be the case for the official and paid versions of the game and you can click on the check for updates link under the icon. The next time you launch the game, make sure to select the option that says to go to the game icon. This will prompt you to go to the update page for the Rhino Coin Game and you will be able to view the current list of downloads available on the iTunes store.
You will also need to look for the status updates at the bottom of the page. This will provide you with the current status of your downloads and you will be able to click on the link that says "check for updates" to update your copy of the Elephant & Castle Rhino Coin Game. Finally, you will need to head over to the Google Play store to download the latest updates. For the official version of the game, this option is found under the tab of the game and for the Rhino Coin Game, this option is found under the Marketplace tab of the app. When you download the game, there will be a button labeled "Rewards" to the left of the download option.
After you click on the button, you will be taken to the updated downloads page for the Elephant & Castle Rhino Coin Game. The next step is to head over to the "How to Download Game Update" section of the page and click on the link for the latest update. Once you do this, you will be given a choice to view the update or click the back button to the website in order to continue with the game. You will be given another choice to follow the link to view the details of the update or simply return to the website and click the download link to install the update. After you click the download button, the updated file will begin to download to your iPhone.
You will need to open the downloaded update application by tapping the rhino coin icon to your home screen, opening the app and choosing the options for the newest update. Once you have selected the update to install, you will then be able to re-download the game.