28 Jan
A very popular social gaming website, Facebook coin master offers the same kind of gaming experience on Facebook as it does on the World wide web. The website is set up in a way that users can start playing immediately and play at their own pace, either as a solo player or with a friend online. The games offer numerous options for gamers to enjoy the game experience and each game offers multiple ways to find an opponent and have a game of cards. Users can find friends from the Facebook group, create a Friend list, send Friend requests and keep track of which friends are online so they can go head to head when playing the game. Make sure you keep your Facebook friends list up to date to make sure you do not miss any of your Facebook friends playing the game.
When playing the game make sure you check out the various special offers available in the Facebook mobile app such as the make coins to buy more cards that are in the game. Players can use their in-game currency or coins to buy more cards from the in-game market. When someone from your Facebook friends wish to play with you, tap and hold on their name to invite them to play the card game. Make sure to sign up to Facebook and start playing the game in order to win Facebook prizes. There are various cards in the game and one can choose from over 300 cards that are available to buy in the market.
Players can earn points while playing the game and can also earn coins, which can be used to purchase items in the in-game market.