06 May
As a long time player of the Android Coin Master Game, I must say it's one of the most addicting games around. There is no doubt that you will enjoy the game if you like strategy games, but also have fun with Facebook gaming. The game was available on iOS but was taken down when the demand for it was too high and it's popularity plummeted. There is currently a new game called Rhino Coin Masters available on the iTunes app store that appears to be somewhat of a cross-over between the iOS version and the Android game. It's very simple, the players start out in Viking gear.
Then, they are given the option to either fight or farm (aka control territory). After they reach the Viking Age, they will be able to visit Viking friends and Viking trade goods. Players can customize their own Viking ship. One player controls the sails while the other controls the prow. It looks like there are a fire and lightning in the background.
It is truly a nice touch. Another neat feature is the three-d effect in the game which allows players to explore how much they can do with the Viking ships. The effects include the Viking ship changing size and shape and spinning, all of which are captured in motion graphics. There is even a pitch effect that accompanies the Viking ship being propelled by wind and lightning. The description says "If you want to know how to coin master win at Viking game without ruining your family vacation, head over to the ultimate Facebook playground!" It's true, the Facebook desktop version of the game is not free, but you can unlock all the features and get the currency by using a special button provided with the free version.
For all the hardcore gamers out there, you might want to wait until you hear about this "Rhinoceros" Coin Mania Game that appears to be similar to the Facebook version of the game. The Rhino version is free and actually helps you with coins. If you're anything like me, the thought of seeing some of those coins fly into the air is going to be a very satisfying moment! The Rhino version has been downloaded on multiple devices, including, Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Wii, PS Vita, PSP, etc. The graphics are amazing and the controls are just as good. Like the Android version, the Rhino version has an introduction video that discusses the game.
It's one of the best of all the games that I've tried, but then again, I'm not a gamer, so don't expect me to be. According to the description, "How to coin master win at Viking game with an evil Viking girl!" And this is true, in the game, the Viking princess gets her hands on the coin for the first time, and must find out where it has gone and the player's goal is to find the coin and return it to the princess. In the Facebook version of the game, the Rhino version offers a "Once you have seen all the Coins, you have seen all the Coins" twist to the original gameplay. In the Rhino version, the player has limited currency to begin with but can find ways to earn more, adding to their treasure and in return, the player can play with the great and powerful Dragon Princess. However, this one of the latest games to be added to the iTunes game store, I haven't had a chance to try yet.
It looks promising, though, so I guess it's worth a look. Also, it has also been released on the Amazon Appstore. Overall, I love the Android Coin Master Game and continue to be amazed at the addicting nature of this game. For me, the real attraction is how I can explore the game's mechanics and ideas in my own home or workplace, without being stuck in a coffee shop or some lame Mobile app game. with the boss' having to wake up early or go with me.