13 Oct
I've been playing the Facebook game, Coin Master, for a little over a month now. As I mentioned in my review, the game is very fun and entertaining. My time playing it has also been great. However, after playing over six months, I've had enough time to consider changing the game into an Android Coin Master Hack game. The game is very simple to play.
It can be played via Facebook or downloaded on your computer. The Facebook version of the game is much easier to play and the instructions are very easy to follow. The players will have the option to access their friend's accounts on Facebook to get Coins to play the game. However, this does not really make the game better as it could lead to your friends giving you the Coins. If you don't want to share any information with your friends, then this feature is useless to you.
I decided to test out the Facebook version of the game and downloaded the application to my Android phone. After downloading the application, I noticed that there were two settings to use while playing the game. The first setting would allow the game to add a new friend and the second would allow the Facebook Friends feature to be used. Using the Facebook Friends feature is not a bad idea, but I would recommend using the second setting to create your own coins and Facebook friend list. When trying to add my Facebook friends, I got an error message.
After about five tries, I finally managed to add them. At this point, I figured that the Facebook game was not going to work properly. After spending hours trying to get the friends to come to me, I decided to uninstall the Facebook application and go with another app. While playing the game, I noticed that there was an option to have the friends list open and I was able to add two friends to my friend's profile. This way, my friends would see that I had the Coins on Facebook so that they could buy the coins with their Facebook Coins.
After some time spent playing the game, I got three friends on my profile. At this point, I realized that it was not going to work and that I needed to get the friends' profiles off of Facebook so that I could add friends who weren't friends of mine. I had to try to make friends with each of my friends individually to do this. It wasn't hard at all to find two friends with the same interests as my friends' profiles. They actually seemed to enjoy playing the game together and I started to get some Coins too.
So, my friends started to join me in the game and I managed to collect enough coins to buy a level eight. After getting the coins I wanted, I went back to my Android phone and deleted the Facebook game from my phone. I downloaded a new Facebook application to my phone. I downloaded a few other games to see what else there was to play and I managed to download a couple of these as well. I continued to play the game and managed to get into the last level, earning another two hundred coins.
After earning those coins, I decided to leave the game alone and leave my friends alone. I also deleted the other games that I had downloaded, except for the Facebook game that I had been trying to get rid of. A few days later, I got an email telling me that the game had been reinstalled. I decided to give it another try and thought that maybe the Facebook game was not the problem. After setting up my phone, my friends started to come to me again and I was able to continue playing the game.
The game had gone from bad to worse and was becoming very frustrating. When I tried to install the Facebook game, the process failed miserably and I couldn't add new friends.