20 Sep
The newest exciting game that the Fox Networks and Post Hollywood Entertainment are offering is the Fox Coin Master Rewards Game. This new twist on the classic Candy Land game allows players to play with their Facebook iPhone and Google Android phones through their smartphones. The Fox Coin Master Rewards Game is a fun way to get iPhone and Android game players to play a competitive trivia game in Facebook that rewards the winners with a special item or app for free. It's also a great way to use the social media feature of your smartphone's to raise Coins for a cause or charity. Now more than ever before, gaming fans can do more to promote charitable organizations, organizations that are often far from the media spotlight.
These types of games are growing in popularity because people are looking for a fun, entertaining way to stay entertained on the go. An iPhone game that can entertain at the same time has never been more valuable. The reward system that the Fox in the Box game uses is one of the first examples of a game that was offered exclusively through Facebook. If the Fox Coin Master Rewards Game is successful, the Facebook app could become the next big thing when it comes to social games. One of the ways that the Fox in the Box version of the game works is by allowing players to use their Facebook account to see a virtual version of the candy bars that they win as their prize.
As part of the Facebook Coin Master Rewards Game, each time a player wins a prize the player is rewarded with a prize code, which can be redeemed later in the app. When the winner is chosen, the code is redeemed to purchase the winning item. The longer the game goes on, the more valuable the product becomes. This also encourages players to return to the Facebook page each time they win a prize and make a purchase. Since everyone can see what everyone else is winning, a player can also start buying other items that will show up in the virtual version of the game.
While the Facebook rewards program is still new to the gaming community, the technology is now in place to make games that can provide players with the entertainment they crave without having to spend any Coins. It's a win-win situation for everyone. Players who want to show their support for a charity or community group can do so while playing a fun game. With the new game in place, any group of people can easily raise Coins to help charities by participating in the Facebook coin count game. The Apple iPhone version of the game has already helped some local charities raise Coins, while raising awareness of some of the most important issues around.
The Fox in the Box version of the game has not yet received the Facebook buy in that's needed to make the Fox Coin Master Rewards Game a reality. But, with the great response to the iPhone version of the game, and the fans of the game already enjoying it on Facebook, it would seem like the pay off will be well worth the effort to get the word out about the game. Anyone can create an account and play the game using their mobile phones, Facebook account and some Spins. However, the real Coins is in the people who choose to play the game and buy the prizes. The winner gets his or her own virtual figurine of the Candy Bar or can go all out and purchase a special version of the Gummy Bear that's being given away.
Those who are hesitant to purchase things or who don't have any Coins can still participate by purchasing a special Android app that helps them to earn Coins. It's really a win-win situation for everyone involved. In addition to being able to play the game on Facebook and making Coins while doing it, the Apple iPhoneand Google Android version of the game allows a wide audience to play it for free on their phones. Whether or not the new Facebook application will make a difference in the overall success of the game is yet to be seen, but the fact that it is there at all shows just how important these types of games are becoming to gaming fans everywhere.