02 Jun
This is a Facebook coin leveling game that has been around for quite some time. The player wants to earn a large amount of coins to buy an item that will make him an auction master. At this point the player needs to find a partner to join and they have to get an account. The partners will make the game fun and profitable for the player. To join the game one has to log in to their Facebook account.
The next step would be to find someone who has joined the game and then create a private message to the person with the name of that person. After that a new account can be created. Once the new account is created, the player can enter all of the Facebook coins to it. In the next step a message is going to be sent to the player telling them that they have an account and how much they need to win at Viking Coin Master Levels Game. In this message the player is going to get a chance to talk about the items that they have won and the number of coins they have earned.
Once this is done the game will also notify the player of the number of coins they have won. Once the player has won the coins they will be able to claim their prize. Facebook coins are the best type of coins to use in the game. Because of the way the system works, the coins are going to get added to the player's balance by the game. There are also many items available to purchase while playing this game.
These items include dogs, cars, boats, land and air vehicles. This game is easy to play. It does require some strategy and some know how. The coins do cost Coins but they also allow the player to collect more coins as the player plays.