12 Oct
. The Facebook Coin Master Friends is a free mobile trading card game that is constantly updating. Many are claiming that the latest update has added some pretty cool features. I decided to check it out myself. After the initial download, I was presented with a popup screen asking me if I wanted to allow Facebook to add my email address to the Coin Master Friends list.
It didn't seem right to give away all of my personal details, but hey, it was free. I clicked "allow" After that, I was presented with a fairly standard upgrade screen. Clicking on it allowed me to add an email address. I was then given the option to add a Facebook password and my credit card information. The website was pretty simple to navigate.
The controls were similar to those found in other trading card games. They allowed me to manipulate a control panel containing a number of different displays. Coins were used to play in this version of the game. The first coins I collected as the game was in progress would be used to purchase a new character. Once I had completed that, I could choose a new character and begin playing.
Coins were assigned to characters that my friends had added to their Facebook account. Coin values were different from friend to friend. The reason for this was that each character was awarded a certain amount of coins when playing. It was therefore not uncommon for several players to be assigned the same character at the same time. The virtual world was full of other characters that the player could select from.
These characters would also need to be added to their account in order to make use of them. While these characters didn't earn coins like those that I had earned earlier, they did offer rewards. I was quite happy to see the free items that I could gain when my coins were high enough. These items included gemstones and coins of different values. However, I did notice that I was earning much less coins during the time that the game was not active.
Each character that was added to my account earned a coin value. As coins were added, so was that value. For example, the coins that were earned by the character named "Peanut" would award more coins than the coins that were earned by the character named "Hoosie". The virtual coin value I was assigned was based on the values of the coins that my account had accumulated during the day. I could increase the value of my coins by finding various items to buy in the virtual world.
Each purchase could have a monetary value added to the total. If the value of my coins were less than the value of the items I was paying for, I would receive a bonus coin. This bonus coin value was dependent on how many coins I was carrying at any given time. However, the more coins I had the greater the bonus coin value would be. The Facebook Coin Master Friends updates is not available for all platforms.
There are still several remaining problems with the Facebook app.