23 Feb
. After downloading the latest version of the Facebook Coin Master Game, I discovered an interesting method to win 200 spins at the game. The secret is hidden in the code of the app. What this method does is allow users to "spin" the application instead of spending Coins to purchase spin opportunities. In order to do this, users must go to the website and install the application on their Facebook account.
Once that is done, they will need to access the special Facebook Coin Master Game page. They will then be required to follow the instructions displayed on the page. The entire process will take about five minutes. Users are allowed to do this once per hour for a maximum of 100 200 spins. When this process is completed, players will be able to earn more 200 spins at the game through a series of clicks.
Once users have reached the maximum number of 200 spins, they will be prompted to purchase an opportunity to earn even more 200 spins. The only drawback to this method is that the payments are quite small. It can be quite expensive to complete a game without a payout in order to avoid scammers. Therefore, it is always better to ensure that you have no scammers around when completing your games.