20 Jul
The Facebook/Twitter game "Coin Master" can be played on both iPhones and Android smartphones. This popular Facebook game has been downloaded more than 6 million times. The Facebook game "Coin Master" involves a card game where you collect points by matching two cards in each round. Your objective is to get as many points as possible for your "health." This game will require you to use your smart phone or tablet to catch the coins and other items that fall on the table as they are deposited.
When you reach the health level where the deck is completely full of items, the game will begin. In addition to being smart phones, "Coin Master" can also be played with an iPad or iPhone. If you are playing "Coin Master" on an iPhone, be sure to download the "BankBot" app from the App Store. You can also download the game from the Facebook page of the company. The "Coin Master" Facebook app on an iPhone has a "bonus" round that does not include playing cards or coins.
The bonus round offers an array of "food items" to eat during play. The food items that you can eat and upgrade your health level with our chocolate coins, water, and orange peels. You can eat these to improve your score in the game. Each round of "Coin Master" has its own goal that you must accomplish in order to earn points for your health. Some of the goals may include eating coins to enhance your health score, eating chips to give you more health, eating apples to help you reduce your stamina, and eating carrots to help you regain health.
These are only some of the types of foods that you can eat during the "bonus round." During the bonus round, you earn a number of health points for eating these foods. However, be careful because if you get too many health points during this round, the bonus round will end. Then, you will be back at the beginning of the game. The app also includes the "Apple" level, which requires you to eat one apple.
Eating an apple will let you earn "health points" that you can use to buy upgrades for your health score. To eat an apple, touch the screen, and you can find them lying around on the table. Once you get a couple of apples, you can eat them to create an apple chain. Using the "chain" feature of the "Apple" level, you will be able to get a sequence of apples that you can eat to add more apples to your chain. As long as you have enough apples, you can keep adding apples to your chain to reach the "Apple" level.
This Facebook game is easy to play and has great graphics and music. While it does not take long to get familiar with the game, it also does not offer a lot of variety in terms of challenges or goals. But, if you enjoy the "coin-collecting" aspect of "Coin Master," this game is very addictive.