21 Sep
The new iPhone version of the popular Facebook coin game, "Hammers Coin Master", is now available for the iPhone. In the game, players battle it out to be the first to reach 10 coins in a row without losing any or losing their own. The twist to this game is that players can play with friends on the same team if they wish to do so. If a player does lose, they can still stay in the game by accepting one of two rewards. Players must also make sure that they are careful when trading coins with each other, as the end of the round can be shortened by the player who loses more coins than their opponents.
In the Facebook game, "Hammers Coin Master", the player must stay away from trying to win 100 spins at the very beginning of the game. They have to understand that losing one spin will not stop them from winning the next until they reach the end of the game. It's like in all games where you make decisions to play and then lose for a while. Although losing a couple of 100 spins is no big deal, one lost spin can kill off any chance of winning, but the player needs to know what it is they want to do. Making decisions and winning 100 spins at coin master game are both important factors.
Some people do not realize that they can also play the game on the Facebook website. This is a good option for some people who do not have the best internet connection. Sometimes, the phone you are playing the game on may not have the best connection, but even with a weak connection, a player can still be able to get some points in the game. The rules of the game are still the same, but if the player is playing on Facebook and has a weak connection, they will need to try again in a few minutes, as the second attempt will be going to the phone which has the best connection.