03 Nov
. Have you seen the Facebook Raid Coin Master game that Facebook, a company that is recognized for its ability to give people what they want and need, is now claiming to be able to offer to customers free of charge? Do you see why I am so skeptical about this? In the Raid Coin Master Facebook group game it is possible to earn coins for each level you complete. While the game itself might be fun, the potential of being able to earn free Coins is also present. However, because you are earning coins instead of Spins and other forms of currency, you will want to make sure you do not spend this Spins quickly. Of course, if you played the mobile game, you know that it was not a major investment.
You just paid to unlock characters and move the character around, but you could also pay real Coins for special items that you might use in the mobile game. For the purposes of this article, we will assume that the Facebook Raid Coin Master is a free game. That is the point of this article to begin with, after all. However, there are many ways to earn the free Spins by getting friends and family members to "share" your Facebook page with them. Therefore, you will want to find a way to get followers to your Facebook page before you can begin to earn coins for completing the game.
The following is a way to unlock some very rare foxes that are only available in the mobile version of the game, Fox Coin Master. In order to unlock these rare foxes, you will need to find and purchase an "Application Upgrade" from the store. This type of upgrade enables you to start building up the Fox Master faction. As mentioned above, you will want to complete the game with your Fox characters in order to build up this faction. As the game progresses, you will begin to have access to more expensive characters and upgrades, but these are the only two that you will need.
If you decide to continue to play the game as a solo player, it would not hurt to purchase an application upgrade that gives you access to a new, rare fox every month. Also, as you progress, you will begin to see that rare foxes are becoming rarer. When you purchase the Fox Master group game from the store, you will want to use a virtual pet that you can adopt. One of the biggest advantages to buying a virtual pet is that the pet will serve as your companion. Whenever you see a rare fox in your path, the pet will be your companion and they will come to your rescue when you enter a new level or reach a new goal.
You will want to find a virtual pet that has more levels than the rare fox you wish to breed and take care of. You can find virtual pets online by searching for them on Google, Facebook or any of the other search engines. Since you will be playing the game as a group, your pets will become more popular as the game continues. Once you are able to unlock the other characters in the Facebook Raid Coin Master game, you will want to purchase the application upgrade that unlocks the rare foxes. It will be these rare foxes that will help you complete the game in the fastest time possible.