13 Oct
Raid friends in the new event of Coin Master Viking game. The game has been updated and now the players can also get more powerful and heaps of gold in the new Raid friends Coin Master Facebook event. The goal of the game is to collect as many rare pieces of armor, weapons and even shields that are necessary for a game of defense to be successful. The player has to face out enemy and fight to protect his stuff from attack. Raid friends in the Coin Master Viking event in Facebook.
The players will fight against the enemies that are running rampant in town in the game of raid friends. There are other coins in the game such as Coins of Defense that will help the player survives. The game of coin master always increases the excitement and fun as there are many bosses that will keep the players on their toes. The good thing about this particular event is that there are now thousands of players from all over the world playing the game and making some coins. The raid friends can play the game and have fun and get rich easily.
Raid friends in the new event of Coin Master Viking Facebook event. The rules and regulations of the game are quite simple. You have to find a specific spot where there is a platform that will let you hang on a rope. Jump and get up and shoot and use your shield or the shields to fight the enemies. The coin master Facebook event is quite fun, as there are so many players from around the world playing the game.