12 Feb
? The very first question is; can you hack the Facebook game to earn more Facebook Coin? There is a free 1000 spins game in Facebook which called Free Spin by Raid Coins, it also has a game similar to Facebook Roulette. In both games you can collect Coins to enter the next spin and use them to spin the roulette wheel. This is where the Free Spin game breaks down. If you have played the Free 1000 spins game on Facebook, you will know that when you go back to the Facebook page the number of 1000 spins is still the same. When you do get onto the spinning wheel it is simply a random selection at random.
The Spin Master game has this same issue with the 1000 spins that you gain during game play. Now there is a way to earn more coins and get the Raid Coins and get your friends to join in on the game. Here is how it works; you can get the players to enter their email addresses and leave messages on their Facebook wall. All you have to do is leave a message that asks for an invite and if they do send you an invite you can choose if you want to receive your coins or not. The Free 1000 spins game can be one of the most addictive games on Facebook.
This will help you get the people to get your message and you can see if they would like to receive your prizes. After you have been able to get your friends to send you invites to the game then you should check in the settings to ensure that you have been able to make any progress in the game. This will help you get better rewards and boost your rating.