25 Aug
My first free 1000 spins of the new Facebook Coin Master game on my iPhone. Facebook doesn't let you download games to your phone, but this has been changed. Now you can download it to your phone and play it through your iPhone. I haven't played any other Facebook games on my iPhone, but I will be installing the next game soon. I was playing a free 1000 spins of the online version of the game the other day.
It was super fun to use the controls on my iPhone and had the ability to track your progress. You see in the Facebook Coin Master game you need to get coins to use for purchase items in the store. You can actually buy certain levels and add to your level collection, and you can also earn coins that will be used for leveling up. In order to unlock the extra levels you need to gain more coins. The levels you purchase cost more coins so you need to use these coins wisely.
When you complete a level it is not shown on the screen. You have to hit the buy now button and then all of a sudden you can see how many coins you have in your pockets. At that point you can pay real Coins for the level you just completed and that will unlock the level. I think that's a cool way to earn new coins. I think the Facebook Coin Master game is a bit too difficult at times, especially when you are trying to level up as quickly as possible.
But I can't help but want to try those new levels. In fact I think the Facebook game is fun and they aren't that expensive either. I think it would be great if you could put in your email address and have the next level available immediately. I think this should be possible if you put in your email address. If you can't wait to buy the next level from the store, you can spend the coins that you get for the free 1000 spins on purchasing the level right away.
I love playing this game. I don't get enough time to play games on my iPhone because I'm always on the go. I'm going to try out the newest Facebook game of the year the next time I get the chance to try the Facebook Coin Master game. It will be fun to play and definitely a challenge. Facebook has added a lot of features and gadgets to their games, including the free 1000 spins of the coin master.
So many other apps have been adding in some pretty cool features that I am quite impressed with. I think I should actually just buy the next level in the game if I have free 1000 spins left. I'm sure it will give me some good points in my mind. I'm impressed with all the advancements in the online games and especially with the free 1000 spins of the coin master. I want to play the next level of the game before I even got it because I want to try it out.
It seems like every time I sit down to play the free 1000 spins of the Facebook Coin Master game I come away with even more coins than the last time.