03 Mar
The Flash version of the Raid Coin Master game has been hacked and it will now allow the player to earn free phones from it. In the past, this game was available for PC and other platforms such as Apple iPad, iPhone, and other smart phones. But when the mobile version of the game was released, it was only available on Android and iPhone. But now, the game is available for the mobile's OS. The developer of the game has opened up an account at the Mazzdoor App Shop.
Now, the players can also use the same codes that they used in the PC version of the game. When you purchased the game from the mobile app store, the developer will send you codes that can be used to earn as many free phones as you want. However, you need to purchase a certain amount of the game, then log into your Facebook account. With the Facebook account, you can sign up for a service that allows you to earn free coins by watching ads. The third party company will also match the amount you spend with the number of phone codes you have.
There are also some strategies that you need to follow in order to be able to earn more from the entire game. You need to purchase the game so that you can receive a special code. You then just need to enter the code when you log into your Facebook account. You can use these codes in order to earn more coins and Spins. The Mazzdoor app can be downloaded from the official site of the company.