06 May
The newest Ponzi Schemes is all about the How to Coin Master Facebook Game. This game is based on a game designed by Michael Peterson, a computer programmer who had been doing some consulting work for the FTC, The House of Rothstein. Since then, he has built many, many scams that he did not bother finishing. Many of his programs disappeared from the internet, but his How to Coin Master Game is still live. His promotional videos also remain online.
Peterson started promoting his game, but soon found out that he was not getting the proper amount of referrals to make it worthwhile. To make matters worse, he found out that his spam emails were being sent to a lot of fake people. After he found out that many of his customers were getting spam emails from his own company, he asked his customers if they wanted him to stop. Most of them agreed, except for one guy who was sending him Coins for the following marketing campaign: He was trying to sell hundreds of fake friends, but he just needed 500 to make a referral, but he would not get referrals, because his customers did not have more than 250 friends. So, he changed his marketing tactics.
He got this guy to sign up for two dozen of his fake friend lists, and he set up fake ads where he was saying he could get a person's friends. And he would send this person in the ads a few bucks in exchange for them being friends with him. Unfortunately, many of his fake friends were running away from him, because they felt threatened by the How to Coin Master Game Facebook Game. The fake friend list finally told Peterson that he was being a complete scam artist. Now, it's not entirely Peterson's fault.
The FTC will not press charges for someone who was putting fake ads on fake social networks. In other words, this How to Coin Master Game scammer is only partly at fault. However, the FTC is willing to prosecute someone who is trying to sell worthless Internet gold and membership for the How to Coin Master Game. They say that people will pay big Coins for such offers. So, let's see how this new Ponzi Scheme is going to do.
There's nothing wrong with the How to Coin Master Facebook Game at all. I like the idea of earning Coins. When a company, or person, will put forth such an offer to you, you should take the time to do your research and find out if it is actually legit. There is, however, a way to get a refund for your Coins that is part of the How to Coin Master Game. You can visit the FTC's website and get a copy of their cancellation form.
Once you fill out the form and return it, the company that sent it to you will no longer send you spam messages. You can also ask the FTC to run a Do Not Call List through its website so that you can see how many calls the How to Coin Master Game has been receiving recently. If you are bothered by the number of calls, you may want to switch to another company. It's easier than searching for the phone number online. The How to Coin Master Game has become a new type of Ponzi Scheme.
It has even been called a scam by some people.