02 May
The Coin Master game allows players to buy coins by using their twitter accounts. You can be the creator of the Coin Master game, as long as you are logged into Twitter, but your tweets will never appear on the main page of Twitter. You can't post a Tweet on your profile, either. However, you can make it appear as if you're following a Coin Master game which has been suspended on Twitter, and you'll be given bonus coins in the process. The only thing you need to do to use the Twitter game is to create a Twitter account, login to it and then create a new Tweet, for example, "I've just created my first Tweet!" Then type your code.
Now, go ahead and tweet the Coin Master's Twitter account, with this Tweet containing the code you used to create it. Once the Tweet is posted, if the Coin Master game has been suspended, that account will be suspended as well. So, you can type your code, and the Twitter Account will become linked to your Twitter account, and now it can receive Twitter Coin reward for tweeting the Tweet. Just like with any other Tweet, you'll get rewarded for following the Tweet, sending messages to that account, and then tweeting again once it's been retweeted. With the Coin Master game, though, you can see how to redeem this reward of retweeting or following a Tweet, but the Twitter account you created for the game will not be able to follow any other Twitter accounts.
It won't be able to follow anyone else, since it was made only for the Coin Master game. In fact, the Twitter account which is now linked to yours cannot be added to a List or search. If you're new to Twitter, then this method will make it hard for you to receive coins. You'll want to read some of the codes of conduct carefully, because you may find out that the Twitter game reward your after is actually against Twitter's Terms of Service. To enjoy this aspect of the Coin Master game, you should use another Twitter account (one that you're not the creator of), just for the tweeting purposes.
That way, when the tweet containing the reward comes in, you can tweet the @ retweet to the real Twitter account in return. But, when the retweeting happens, you should make sure that the @ coinmaster_hacks account is linked to the real Twitter account. Make sure the tweet you're going to send includes your tweet containing the code. Once the retweet is sent, the Coin Master account should be credited for a retweet. When the tweet containing the reward is sent, the Twitter account which was linked to the fake account will receive another retweet, which will be counted as one for the two accounts.
For each retweet received, double the reward. The last thing you want to do is to receive more than 100 re-tweets! That would certainly turn the heads of the participants into tails! Keep in mind that the game is free to play, so you can play as many times as you'd like to receive the rewards. There are other ways to earn coins in the Coin Master game. Before the game was suspended by Twitter, they awarded people for tweeting the account of the suspended account (after the suspension). Now, though, the suspended account is still giving its followers an opportunity to get rewarded! The best thing about the Coin Master game is that you don't need to know anything about Twitter to participate.
You can be any age in between eighteen and fifty. It's simply a matter of getting the codes and sending the required messages, and making sure the account is linked to the real Twitter account. However, there are those who feel this is unfair to those who feel they were cheated out of the Coins that they earned from the Coin Master game. The one main complaint was that the suspended account wasn't responsible for the suspended status, because the person created it and doesn't actually have to abide by Twitter's rules. In any case, it's hard to say whether Twitter really will have any chance of reinstating the suspended account, as they've also suspended the creator of the Game, called Coin Master.
and changed the rules about Coin Master. instead of explaining the rules and letting people know about them.