14 Jan
Is there a way to get Win 25 spins at Coin Master Game with your iPhone? This is something that I have been wanting to know for quite a while now. But if you have ever tried using any other iPhone game then you will know that it is almost impossible to get a Win Spin at the Coin Master Game. So I am sure you are wondering if there is a way to play for Win 25 spins on this iPhone Coin Master Game. There is not a way to play it for you because they require you to pay a one time fee to get in the game or download an application on your iPhone. So, if you do not want to pay then you cannot use the iPhone Game.
I mean, that is just not fair. Well, it is not your fault that they do not allow you to have the iPhone Game. You are paying for it right? So, if you want to Play Win 25 spins then you need to go to Rhino Coin Master and put in your Coupon Code (you can find it on the Coupon Sheet inside of the Rhino Coin Master) to be able to make it so that you can Play the iPhone Game. It is very simple and you can get all the details from my Facebook Page below. Please note that this is only a Test Account and I have no intentions of making it publicly available on my Facebook Page but you are free to share this post with anyone who wants to play this iPhone Game for Win 25 spins.
Please consider this when you get ready to buy this iPhone Game. Please like my Facebook Page to be able to get all the updates on this Game.