09 Mar
The Hacking Coin Master game has had several versions since it first appeared on Facebook. It's one of the more popular games in that group. You can download the latest version for free from the website mentioned below. It involves using all the coins you collect to build towers with the coins, try to collect more coins and make your tower's more powerful to be able to defeat your enemies. The rules are pretty simple to begin with.
It's easy to pick up, but there are rules that go along with that fun gameplay. They are arranged in stacks, which represent how many coins you have at a given time. They are generally the same color. When you tap the top stack, your game is over. But there are different types of coins, as they are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, also shown as a picture.
Each stack represents one tower, so when you get to that stack, the tower you need to build rises up to that height. There are different levels for the towers, each of which comes with its own set of coins to add to the stack. As you advance, so does the stack of coins, and your towers grow and become more powerful. The second version of the game has been updated with an option to actually play against your friends and see who the best Hacking Coin Master players are. Another option to see who your friends are playing with, who their friends are, who they are beating in the game, and a way to see what other games they are playing at the same time as you are, if you want to compare scores to your friends.
When you play against your friends, the rules are very similar, but you can still win all the coins that you want to add to your stack. It's quite nice to see how you compare with your friends and who you are beating. Playing against a friend or friends is the best option, and is most likely to give you a better score than a random result would. But if you don't know a lot about games and would rather play with a friend, that's fine. It works just the same, the only difference is you may be working alone, while working with other people is a bit more interesting.
Of course, you can always add up to your score if you can beat someone and then create an account and win the coins for yourself. The Coin Master game is very addictive and can easily occupy an hour of your time playing it. You will have a blast playing it while trying to keep up with your friends and the amount of coins that you have collected so far. The graphics are a bit simplistic, and even though you can gather a large number of coins over time, that may be part of the fun. They are not annoying, and you can turn them off to save battery life, and use them in place of seeing the coins that you can collect on the screen.
You can control how often you want to see the coins that you have collected. You may wonder if you can compete with your friends and show off a higher score than the others, but you can only actually see the highest of the high scores. The game is still fun, and you will be very happy to see the coins you've collected, but if you really want to see how many coins you have collected, you need to play online. At least in this game, the coins don't disappear into thin air after you collect them. Instead, they are sitting in your wallet, ready to be added to your bank.
You can always search for the coins you've collected over time if you want to see how many you've gotten.