09 Mar
. With the addition of a Hammer of Damocles to the list of negative factors in this program, Coin Master has become a huge disappointment. You see, the game will always be aimed at selling you new hammers. In order to earn the top dollar possible, the hammer is needed. If it is not, you lose out on some big Coins, and some opportunities to use them.
And for the people who have spent their Coins to buy hammers, the game is ruining their experience by making them unable to use them. It's kind of funny that programmers from all over the world agree to put their tools in something which makes people use it, instead of letting them promote the tool they have created. By now, there is a lot of criticism about the program and a petition has been made on the Bullion Deals Forum. Certain chances have been taken out of the game, but they were so minor that many were simply thrown out of the game. I'm sure that other things could have been changed and I would not say that they ruined the game.
I think the developers are responsible for the problems that they created, because they took the safety and security of their game and dropped it all together. The reason the Hammer of Damocles was introduced was to make sure that people who use this game are not scammers. The problem was that people got lazy and started using their own tool instead of using the game they have paid for. Therefore, the game became extremely vulnerable to hacking and malware that were published all over the Internet. It's unfortunate that the developers did not have a good faith code to protect their product.
I think the Hammer of Damocles might have been a good idea for a while, but after it was introduced, its purpose was lost. Without that software, the developers have only themselves to blame for the problems in the Coin Master game. The Hammer of Damocles might have been a temporary measure, but that doesn't mean that they are willing to accept any kind of blame or any responsibility for the product. To get away from all the negativity, it is essential to know what the game is all about before getting involved. It is very important to play the game before spending your Coins on any product.
Do not be afraid of the fact that the developers will take away your precious Coins and break the game. People have already gone through it and they still come back to the game. Try to understand that when you are spending Coins on a service, and you feel the need to play a certain game, there is a need to go through all the necessary requirements before downloading the game to make sure that it won't be breaking the game you are playing. There is no such thing as a free ride, because your time and Coins are your primary asset and not the product itself. Please remember that if the game is good enough, there will be no reason for you to have a problem with it.
It is better to spend some Coins, and play the game than to pay to download it for free.