06 Jan
A free game for Twitter, Hammers Coin Master is a strategy card game. The game itself is a deck-building card game that is very easy to understand and play. To start the game you will need to get a wide variety of decks of cards and put them in random order. You are also given a free trade on Twitter with your opponents to start off with and this will allow you to gain experience and strength with your cards. After several turns it will be time to set up for the battle.
The first turn is when you receive new cards and then the game will continue until all the players have been eliminated. The first player is able to play any one card that they want to and then their opponent has to pass that card to their right, if they don't then the card is flipped back over to their left and played again. Players can always get a draw by either discarding a card or shuffling the deck. A draw is made by discarding a card and shuffling the deck. Once all the players' cards are played then everyone rolls the dice and then they determine who takes what.
The player with the most points wins. In addition to the twitter version of the game, a separate battle mode is available. In this mode you have to go through a set of unique challenges to win your games. Other aspects of the game include challenge rooms, prize rooms, card profiles, and game play. You can also look forward to the final boss.
The final boss is a character who appears at the end of the game and you will have to battle it to end the game.