14 Oct
The Coin Master Game is a fun game which you can play on your iPhone or iPad. You are the master of the castle and you need to defend it from the invading attackers. The attacking characters will try to plunder your treasury and your human enemies will try to help you. You can collect jewels and keep them for yourself. Get the treasure in order to build up your castle.
However, if you lose all of your treasures then you have to return to the beginning and start all over again. This game is like no other. There are no pesky virtual walls or yellow enemies which will force you to do some complicated maneuvering. It is a game where you are in charge of the entire castle. The main premise of the game is this.
The monsters will try to enter your house by breaking down the door or by crawling through the window. You need to guide your human sidekick by going through the whole game. While playing this game, you will also get to explore the fascinating art work. You can find this game free of cost online and you can also find a few other variants of the game in the market. However, there is one important question that has to be answered - "How to attack madness?" As I have said earlier, this game is very addicting.
You need to create a strategy so that you can win the game. With some clever planning and well executed moves, you can make your way through the whole game. However, you will have to focus on one particular object which is the tracking of your human character. While playing this game, you will be able to test yourself in various situations.