10 Feb
Everyone knows that one of the best iPhone games is the coin master game and attack madness coin master has always been a hit. This week's game is easy to beat if you know how to beat it. Let's take a look at some tips for beating the game. The game has many variations, but we will concentrate on the easy game. The first thing you need to do is go to a Facebook page owned by the game developer and "like" their page, and a lot of people will see it and start playing it.
Once you get a lot of attention from them, go ahead and start posting comments. Posting comments will earn you some reputation points and they can be trusted because they are coming from real people. Next, open a new "coin selection" project that contains a new coin. In this program you want to load it and click "edit" and then click on the very bottom line in the left side of the menu bar. Here you want to select "export" and then save the file as a .txt
file. Copy and paste that text file into another document where you can type the commands. Now copy the code for the coin and put it into a file called attack madness coin master in the same directory. Open the program and put the input into the "coin master script". Then save the file and run the program.
You should get the game on your screen now. After you have the code, use it to pay for 400 spins, so you have more Coins to play with. The next step is to visit as many Facebook friend's pages as you can and then post comments in their "Facebook Master Page" with the code you copied earlier. The more you visit their page and post comments, the more friends you will make, the more Coins you will make. Once you get enough Coins from friends and 400 spins, you will be able to play the "real" game.
If you win then your friend will buy you a spin in the game and there will be no winners in the game. This is a very simple way to increase your level. I recommend you put the game into a folder and change the settings of your iPod to allow you to export the code. Just copy and paste the code into the program every time you want to play the game. Once you get the level set up you can start selling the coins on eBay and other places like Craigslist.
If you are good enough you can even sell the winning coins in the game. One of the easy coins to sell in the game is the coin used to buy 400 spins and bonus coins. This coin is easy to make Coins with as the prices are low and everyone likes the game. If you get the coins, you should be able to get them from eBay for cheap and then buy more selling them for less, and then buy more, and so on. As long as you can buy the coins and then sell them, you should be able to get enough Coins to buy a spin at least two times a week and you should be able to get enough coins to buy a larger spin once a month.
This is a simple way to make Coins with a coin master game. You should try it out to see if you can beat the game at this simple way.