07 Jun
One of the newest games on Facebook is called "Coin Master" where you have to collect as many coins as possible using your iPhone, iPod touch, and other smart phones. If you think that this game will be a real challenge, it's not going to be. The easiest way to beat this game is to search for other players that are doing the same thing. Some have succeeded at the first few levels, while others find it hard to be successful because they are unsuccessful in reaching their goal. I have been using the app for over a week now and found that you can get an alert when a friend's status change and you can easily see who's the new coin master.
This is very useful because it lets you know who is playing and who is not. When you start winning more often, it becomes very motivating and you want to play even more. There are several people that joined up to play and since they are having fun, they kept joining in every time there is a new update available. People that used the game with Facebook on it and have already reached the first level were extremely motivated and had fun. It is a lot of fun because you can play with as many friends as you want and it is simple to do.
Everyone loves to see their Facebook friends online playing their favorite mobile game. I have seen a lot of people from around the world play this game and it's really entertaining. I hope that this game will become one of the most popular games with all the Facebook users out there.