18 Mar
The Vikings and the Maesters are coming together for an epic event: How to coin a Master Facebook Group Game! It's all about the Viking Loot Box, and now we have a new card game for one of the most beloved characters in TV history. Maester Aemon the Faithful is taking on the Vikings in his finest Maester armor and weapons, with the hopes of defeating them at every turn. But they don't know that he's been hiding something - and that something is his own blood lust. Will the Vikings ever see the master when they see a Master? Can he prove to be the saviour of Westeros that Melisandre promised? In Raid Coin Master, Maester Aemon of the House Targaryen of the Iron Throne moves from the end of the starting area to the starting area at the top of the deck. He draws two cards and then places the top card face down.
Each card in the Viking Loot Box will fall into this category. These include the following: Faith of the Seven, Dragons - 10, Vikings - 4, Treasure Pack - 2, Faiths - 6, Traitors - 4, Fleet - 1, Maesters - 8, Kingsguard - 4, Wights - 2, Knights - 5, Women - 3, Debt, Lands - 3, Band of Brothers - 3, Wood - 1. Then, Aemon lays down his coins and passes the round to the next player. Then the first player draws two cards and then lays down the top card, and it falls into one of the groups indicated above. During this time, each player takes turns choosing one of the top cards to discard.
The player who chooses the top card must discard it in order to the others, and whoever does not get enough coins (which can be achieved by picking up to four cards at once) loses a shield. Finally, the Vikings choose a Raid Coin and fight with it. Whoever wins the coin fights gains Victory Points, and everyone gainsa Viking Loot Box. If there are no Viking Loot Boxes left, the Vikings continue their fight, and whoever wins is the winner. As always, you may contact us with any questions you may have.
Happy gaming!