04 Apr
The latest mobile game to come on the scene is called Fox Coin Master Rewards. With a brand new online version of the award winning TV show about currency and American's way of life, Fox Coin Master will continue to keep the American Idol legend happy, and hopefully make him better! The Fox Coin Master Rewards Facebook game has a very simple premise; you have to accumulate as many coins as possible and finish off as many puzzles as you can in order to raise your "equity" rating and make a bid for the next "Time to Shine". But beware, this reward comes with a high price... Can you spend wisely and win over a long enough period of time before the value hits its peak? If you haven't had a chance to play yet, keep reading as we discuss how to coin Fox Coin Master Rewards game, Fox Coin Master Review, and the various bonuses that you can receive by playing Fox Coin Master Rewards.