15 Mar
This is the third installment of the FOX Coin Master New Event Challenge. This time, your goal is to complete the coins in as few moves as possible. You are awarded more points for each coin that you've collected by completing it within the time limit. In the games that are not designed by developers, players sometimes claim that the coins aren't worth the effort. This isn't true with this game because you're rewarded for completing the goals with 100% points.
The game is simple and easy to play. Players need to tap the screen to move their coins around. When players move their coins, they can earn coins. To complete the challenge, players have to collect all the coins in the game or earn a certain amount of points before the timer is over. There are many ways to earn coins for this game.
Fox Card Base can be used to collect coins when the players finish the game. The Fox Coin Master Cards game allows gamers to earn coins and points through real and virtual achievements. Earnings can be collected through various means including spending points on products online. Some of the products that can be purchased can include one-time purchases. With purchases, gamers can earn extra items to use throughout the game.
Other products can be purchased with in-game Coins. Purchases can also be made at the end of the game. Players will get points and coins for spending Coins and will also get points for shopping and buying items.