25 Feb
The Viking Coin Master is a mobile phone game that is available for download in the Android and iOS mobile app stores. This will give you the opportunity to participate in this fun mobile phone game. It will help to be familiar with the concept of a virtual playing board as you are trying to complete each level on the entire board. It has even more than three levels, but you will get the gist of it. You will be trying to collect the most coins along the way and you have to go along the route assigned and solve the puzzle, the same as you would in a traditional virtual game play.
Each level is loaded with more challenges and it will be up to you to work your way through it and complete the whole board without losing any coins or having your score lower than before. In addition to this, if you want to increase your co-op players you can play against another player. You will be competing with others to get the highest co-op score you can get. The points will be added up and you will be presented with a new board which will have you try to beat your previous high score. This is very similar to the virtual worlds of Angry Birds, where you can compete with others to gain points and accumulate coins.
The difference is that you can take part in this co-op feature and have people log onto your game to do it. The concept is based on the idea that the market is saturated with mobile games but the mobile game world is largely unexplored. The aim is to bring more people into the virtual world. The group of several players can decide whether they want to participate in the game or not, where you can enter into a challenge, try to get the highest co-op score you can get and compete with other players from across the globe in this multiplayer mobile game. You will see others playing the game with you, you can just invite them and give them a challenge.
If you are a fan of the Viking Coin Master, then you can easily download it and enjoy playing the mobile version of the popular game. The game has many different versions including the free version, but it does not cost anything to download it.