25 Apr
The people at Facebook decided to add a 'Members only' feature that members were not allowed to trade. Members could earn in the members only section by allowing others to join and then claiming coins they didn't win 100 spins at the coin game. The only way to know if you were winning your 100 spins at the coin master game was to claim them. It is called an area called the VIP member section. The people at Facebook created a new format of the website, it's called 'Redirected Links'.
It's a much more simple to navigate design with the game called 'Coin Master Friends Online'. Now when you surf on Facebook, you'll find this new 'VIP' section right on the top right of the page. When you are trying to access the VIP section of the game, you will see a white box that says 'Check Message Board'. You want to click on this box so you can see a message that says 'The party game VIP is busy today due to a busy day at work. Please try again later'.
When you click on this message box, you will be directed to the game itself. The way to win 100 spins at the Coin Master Game of Coin Master Friends Online is to earn coins that are on the screen. When you see this it means you have another spin and you are now eligible to collect those coins. So you will want to claim your coins to make it easier for you to win them. There are four spinning circles you can select, each circle has a different bonus and you want to pick the one that has the most bonus.