29 Oct
The recent rise in popularity of the popular iPhone and Android Coin Masters games has caused a unique phenomenon that can be referred to as the "Coin Master Mobile Game Craze." When I say craze, I am referring to the "freemium" model, which is the same type of model used by many other casual mobile games. The iPhone Currency Management Game is a free to play mobile game that will have players purchasing each currency needed to maintain their nation's economy. The app does not do much more than allow you to track your income, or your income's depreciation. It does however, require you to be online to keep track of your profits, as you can't enter your profits directly from the iPhone.
The Coin Master mobile game also utilizes social media networks to help players find games and members to compete against. The design allows the player to not need to download anything onto their smartphone to play the game. However, Coin Master offers much more than a free game. In fact, it has gained much popularity online and through other channels, where paid marketing is possible. For example, YouTube is promoting the iPhone game with a pay per view offer.
The game allows users to select a series of challenge and then play a game of skill against a virtual opponent. A "Match" button is located on the main screen, which opens up a series of short matches against other players. As more players start entering the Facebook Group, more members are exposed to the game, and the website grows. In fact, the game has gained so much popularity, that they have added the Foxcoin coin to the mix. The Coin Master mobile game features a number of exciting features, which make it the closest mobile application to a real-life Mobile app game game, yet without requiring any coins.
Like the real game, coins can be collected and then used to build, upgrade, and buy the items that are needed for progress. Unlike the real game, the player doesn't get to keep the Coins. The Fox Coin allows players to expand their empire by earning coins, but the Fox Coin itself is not necessary to win a match. For the Coin Master game, the winner is determined by skill, not luck. No coin is required, which causes several mobile gaming groups to emulate the game.
In addition to coins, there are also coins given away, which serve as an incentive to compete and earn more Fox Coins. The other coin is dropped randomly and added to the final score. Most of the Coins generated is used to build up a bigger and stronger army of workers, while other coins are spent on strengthening the economy of your nation. The coins can also be used to make purchases to further the progress of the market. While coins and Coins were introduced to the coin collecting community in a similar fashion to the social media networks, the coin gives a different aspect to the mobile game.
Coin collectors want to see their cities build, while players want to expand their empires to make the coins flow faster. As Facebook groups and websites continue to thrive, so too, should the latest games in the Coin Master series. The iOS and Android versions allow gamers to make some of the best investments for their mobile devices, and what better way to enjoy it than in the game world?