08 Sep
As with many websites like Facebook, many players want to know how to coin master game on Facebook. The classic space shooter genre is getting a modern makeover in the form of 'action' video games and some fans of classic Space Invaders have upgraded to the new 'arcade style' style of game. This new version, called Viking Coin Master, has recently been launched as a free download on Facebook and it's currently at the top of the Coins making charts. To learn how to coin the Viking Coin Master, please read on. First of all, you'll need to gather your friends into a group.
While this seems obvious, many people are reluctant to get their friends into any game that doesn't involve them because they are afraid of rejection. I'm here to tell you that Viking Coin Master is a game that really is easier than others out there, and it will be up to you to initiate a game amongst your friends. In fact, the fastest way to start a coin game is to invite them to the game and see how many they can find and then send them to the high score board to earn coins. Once they've started the game, let them know that they should invite their friends to join the game. You don't want to start a coin game where only one person knows how to play.
When your friends have all joined the game, you'll need to get them to log out. Once they do, turn off their status that says 'online'. Then log out and wait for the game to complete so that everyone can log back in again.