22 Sep
The Rhino Coin Master is a very good mobile application that can be used by children and adults alike. It can be played online for free or purchased to upgrade the user experience. What this means is that with the purchase of the app, you can find additional challenges as well as coins that you can use to buy more levels, extra coins, unlock further levels and so on. The game is one of those games that has a unique twist with the concept of the game itself. It works by adding new content on top of the different existing levels to provide more ways to get coins as well as challenge levels that are otherwise not there.
This is a concept that will appeal to children as well as to adults. Build Wall of Coins, Challenge Mode, Hero Challenges, Prize Wheel and World Free Game are some of the aspects of the game. The game basically goes from one level to another making it fun for kids to play as well as adults. At first the player will just learn the ropes with the basic mechanics of the game but when you get a little bit more advanced you will be able to play the game over the Internet with your friends. The game will feature a level editor that allows you to create your own levels that you can play over the Internet.
You can even submit them to others who want to play them or edit them. In addition, you can try to play this game using a couple of coins in place of real Coins which adds a fun element to the game as well. Many of the features are designed to encourage players to try their luck and win more coins. The features of the game are a bit interesting especially because of the fact that you can add a new account to play more levels, coins, and challenges in the future. It also offers a rating system for your skills, the amount of coins you earn and so on.
The choice of coin you would like to use is taken into consideration when you create a level and how long it should be. The power of the coin is also factored in, as the higher the level the more coins you would receive. The coins are awarded after the completion of the level, and even more if you successfully completed it. The power coins can be used to buy the coins that you have earned throughout the game.