26 May
Are you looking for a way to get more coins to be able to complete your list of upgrades in the Android Coin Master? If so, then you might want to try the latest "Raid Coin Master Spin" that has just recently been added to the Facebook app. This particular app is free and is able to give you up to a maximum of 4 coins every time you spin the spinning wheel. The wheel has a bonus of up to 100 coins which allows you to earn coins for free. Make sure that you understand the rules before attempting to try and complete the 100 spins, as this can allow you to earn more coins and can help you in completing the spin count. What happens is that you are given a button to press in order to spin the wheel, but you will need to make sure that you press the button in order to get your first spin.
If you fail to spin, then the 100 spins will stop and you will not earn any more 100 spins. After spinning the wheel a few times, you will then receive your next set of upgrades to complete your Android Coin Master. By completing these upgrades, you will be able to complete more 100 spins, as well as the sum total of how many you have already obtained. Make sure that you spin the wheel often and complete each of the upgrades until you complete all of them.