01 Oct
There is a new Twitter enabled game in the iPhone Coin Master Game Hack Rewards bundle. The title, "Twitter Coin Master" is about a viral Twitter campaign that uses the app as an in-game currency. With the help of your contacts in your network, you can earn coins that are sent to your account by sending them pictures, exchanging messages, buying gifts, and more. In addition, you earn points when they "follow" you on Twitter, so that you will have access to all of their contacts and their connections. To start the game, you need to join the "Riley's Account" in the website of the Twitter "Coin Master" game, which is actually a reward system for completing some objectives.
The player has to build up his Riley's bank in order to win more points. The "Coin Master" in this game is actually a special application with a special "hack" that is designed to make a copy of the app on your iPhone. With that being said, it is believed that this application may not be as genuine as the original version. To get "How to Coin Master Village", you just need to download the coin maker at the website of the Twitter Coin Master game. After that, you need to download the program "Chrome Browser", as well as the "Fobi Fodder" application from the website.
After that, you can use the "Coins Quotes" feature and click on the links that will send you to your friends' Twitter accounts and exchange messages.